European Conference on Diversified Sciences (ECODS)

European Conference on Diversified Sciences (ECODS) is an initiative from World Research Union (WRU) as part of our conference-series. 1st ECODS was a grand success by being held at the Oxford University in the year 2020. Due to pandemic outbreak, we couldn’t have our conference in 2021. Now we have resumed back with our vibrant series. ECODS-2023 shall happen in Leicester, UK. Though the registration is not open, following details may equip you with necessary preparation


We invite researchers, scholars, industry practitioners and students to submit their research papers for presentations on any of the following tracks, but not limited to;

  • Multidisciplinary Health Sciences

  • Business Management

  • Civic and Political Studies

  • Architecture and Built Environment

  • Economics

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Literature Research

  • Information Communication Technology

  • Bio-technology

  • Creative Arts and Fashion