International Conference on Applied and Renewable

Energy (iCARE)-2023

July 2023 (Date -TBC)

iCARE - 2023

Welcome to the International Conference on Alternative and Renewable Energy (iCARE)- 2023

Our world is currently facing significant challenges related to energy consumption and production. Climate change, depletion of non-renewable resources, and the rising cost of traditional energy sources are among the major concerns that we must address to secure a sustainable future for our planet. iCARE aims to explore the latest innovations, trends, and best practices in alternative and renewable energy. We bring together experts, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and discuss solutions that can help us transition to a cleaner, more resilient, and more efficient energy system.

Some of the key topics that we will cover during the conference include:

  1. Solar energy: Solar power is becoming increasingly affordable and accessible, with new technologies such as thin-film solar cells and concentrated solar power (CSP) showing promising results. We will discuss the latest developments in solar energy and how they can be integrated into our energy mix.

  2. Wind energy: Wind turbines have become a common sight in many parts of the world, and wind power is now one of the fastest-growing sources of renewable energy. We will explore the challenges and opportunities of wind energy, including offshore wind farms and innovative designs for wind turbines.

  3. Hydroelectric power: Hydropower is one of the oldest and most established forms of renewable energy, but it still has significant potential for growth and innovation. We will examine the latest advancements in hydroelectric power, such as small-scale hydro and pumped storage hydropower.

  4. Geothermal energy: Geothermal energy is a clean, reliable, and sustainable source of power that is often overlooked. We will discuss the current state of geothermal technology and how it can be leveraged to meet our energy needs.

  5. Biomass energy: Biomass energy is derived from organic matter such as wood chips, crop residues, and waste materials. We will explore the potential of biomass energy as a viable alternative to fossil fuels and the challenges of scaling up biomass production.

  6. Energy storage: One of the biggest challenges of renewable energy is the intermittent nature of many renewable sources. Energy storage technologies such as batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and thermal storage can help to address this challenge. We will discuss the latest developments in energy storage and their potential applications.

  7. Energy efficiency: Improving energy efficiency is an important part of any effort to transition to a more sustainable energy system. We will examine the latest trends in energy efficiency and how they can be implemented in homes, buildings, and transportation.

  8. Policy and regulation: Finally, we will discuss the role of policy and regulation in promoting alternative and renewable energy. We will examine the current state of energy policy and the regulatory frameworks that are needed to support the growth of renewable energy.

We hope that this conference will provide a valuable platform for learning, collaboration, and innovation in the field of alternative and renewable energy. We look forward for your participation. More details about the conference will be disclosed soon. Keep visiting our portal.

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